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#DryerBuzz – Ever broke? Become Never Broke with Lyft #rideshare

#DryerBuzz — Are you ever broke? Here’s how to become #neverbroke #nojoke with #rideshare Most creatives forgo their dreams because they don’t want to risk or endanger their household budgets. A risk like that could amount to taking food off table if ideas don’t succeed well. However, #ridesharing just became best #crowdfunding source ever where #creatives and aspiring #entrepreneurs raise side money to invest in their ideas #sidehustle. Want to spend a year writing? Developing a product line? Inventing? Painting? Politicking? Blogging? Tired of investor or sponsor rejections? Try rideshare….

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The Tech Clippings: How DryerBuzz Found Its Niche and Became Leader of Our PAC (Peers Audience Customers) | DryerBuzz at Women Interactive

VideoBuzz: Watch as Yalanda Lattimore of explains how DryerBuzz found its niche and became leader of our PAC (Peers Audience Customers).  The founder of shared with bloggers and creatives ideas of how to monetize their creativity. Afterwards we spent time mentoring women in the process of developing their blogs. Watch how found a niche and became lead of our PAC During the workshop, we shared our top tips to monetizing such as: Know what you’re selling; Know your budget; Know the true meaning of FREE (Fully Reimburse…

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Hair She Goes! Real Workshop of Creatives | Become Leader of the PAC | Women Interactive

You are a leader.  Let’s get creative. is excited to participate in Women Interactive, A Creative Technology Festival for Women.  We’re taking monetizing to the next level. Download the handout below to follow along. Click to download pdf to your favorite app or kindle. For those unable to attend, check back to this post for photo and video buzz.  Visit to learn more about Women Interactive. Did you know had a Learning Channel for Entrepreneurs? visit Hair She Goes! — You just got the buzz from…

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