Livng Atlanta Style 

#LivingAtlantaStyle – Weekend update best BBQ Hair Show Date Night Ever

#DryerBuzz — Got a minute then you’ve got time for a quick buzz. Hey it’s Yalanda @DryerBuzz getting ready to enjoy the weekend living atlanta style. Let’s face it, spring is here for the moment and it’s a great weekend to get out and enjoy the city. Living Atlanta style stage by stage — stage stalkers are invited by National Black arts festival to the Rialto Center for the arts for Malpaso Dance Company representing Cuba’s expanding cultural life on stage in Atlanta. Let’s talk where to eat this week…

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News Clippings 

the Clippings | An American President in Cuba — President Obama and first family make history in Cuba

the Clippings on — Watch video of President Obama and first family on approach and landing in Cubu. The first family made history of an American president visiting the country in nearly 90 years.  Many Cuba born natives have died waiting for this day to return to Cuba their home.  The president’s visit opens door to American tourism and relaxation of trade. While an exciting time, all eyes on swift changes to come to the island nation. This Marriott clipping from releases shows how swift tourism change may come: Office…

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