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#DryerBuzz – Dave Chappelle Netflix Special Review

Harpo! Dave Chappelle turned down $50 million. Thus began his self proclaimed boycott. He’s back. What changed? Seems like industry put original $50M in bank and offered it later with a portion of interest — disguised as a #netflix special. After such long protest, I’m thinking Dave should have just put on the damn dress! Routines on #BillCosby and #OJ just as bad! He got jokes on Bill and OJ’s abuse of women in between his own indiscretions? Of which, his own, just happened to be slightly above the law….

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Dave Chappelle tells Maya Angelou why $50 million couldn’t make him sellout | Watch Iconoclasts

VideoBuzz: Iconoclasts – Watch Chappelle’s conversation with Maya Angelou and the discussion around his leaving $50M on the table and walking away from his show. Angelou also give insight into MLK and Malcolm X. Iconoclasm is the deliberate destruction within a culture of the culture’s own religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives. theClippings — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life! Extra Buzz27Answers by DryerBuzz Available on Amazon | Download Answers by Superblogger Kira should…

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