Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Success of Diversity Changes Nothing?| Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#WeLiveInPublic — Copy and steal everything! Level up. Take it to next level. Own it. All advice from who many deem to be the top guru’s peddling and pimping confidence and courage from one end of the planet to the other. Neither of them original — what is original? There’s always the original. In the shadows. At the start. In the beginning. Without a story. No history. There is always the first. But that’s another blog. Today, let’s get to the bottom line, the root of the problem, so we…

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the Clippings | The Wiz Live – No Diversity in Oz? Yet?

First question of the day, on this exciting day and kickoff to an art filled weekend of blogging, comes this question from a DryerBuzz viewer… Did @nbc @iamkennyleon miss moment in bringing diversity to OZ in ‪#‎theWizLive‬? Photo: The Wiz Live | Facebook Someone asked me about cast on my scope, and surprisingly my answer was YES. I think this could be a missed moment. At this moment in time, our youth are as diverse as we have ever been in this country. Progress more possible now than ever. However,…

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News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

the Clippings | What’s brewing with Starbucks #RaceTogether – Unlike our coffee, we don’t blend well?

The Clippings — What’s brewing at Starbucks? Can we #racetogether or nah? Perhaps over the years of serving us coffee, Starbucks realizes, unlike our favorite beverages — we don’t blend well.  All that tension in service lines probably comes not just from needing coffee. Lack of courtesy to each other and watching us huddle in our segregated groups might be reason for Starbucks to ask — Can we #Racetogether or nah? ___________________ Listen to this buzz ___________________ Hanging out with coffee drinkers of late, I’ve finally found the perfect beverage that takes me…

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Living Atlanta Style | DryerBuzz Welcomes #PlatformSummit2014 to Atlanta | Follow the Buzz Oct 24-26th

Living Atlanta Style — DryerBuzz.com is pleased to welcome and let you know we will attend #PlatformSummit2014 hosted by Morehouse College and Georgia Tech October 24-26th in partnership with YesWeCode. The summit seeks to support and inspire diversity in technology. The conference will feature 30 illustrious speakers, primarily from underrepresented groups and each with unique innovation-related insights, who will set the tone with stimulating, thought-provoking talks. Platform is a community of people who believe that the worlds of technology, science, art and entrepreneurship are the future of the planet, and…

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Living Atlanta Style | Atlanta was host to #CokeSummit14 — Follow the Buzz

Living Atlanta Style — follow the buzz, best tweets, instagrams and more from #CokeSummit14.  Replay brought to you by #Advercan home of the #cleancap — peel–off hygienic seal/cap atop aluminum beverage cans and canned/cupped foodstuffs with advertising messages.  Follow the buzz via advercan.com [View the story “Follow the Buzz with #CokeSummit14” on Storify] Living Atlanta Style — you just got the buzz from @DryerBuzz.com — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzCome Meet a Black Person is a thing | Business owner wants to share benefits of meeting others…

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Hair She Goes! Jenny Triplett Explains Obama Rainbow Connection

The following is a GUEST BLOGS from syndication partner dawahinternatonalllc. If you would like to submit your own guest blog for consideration to be published on DryerBuzz.com, submit today via Pitch.DryerBuzz.com or become a syndication partner. For more by DryerBuzz.com Guest Blogger, Jenny Triplett, go to prisonworldblogtalk.com   Hair She Goes! —  Guest Blog — Growing up in a free country, I was always told of its greatness and opportunities set before me and doors that have been opened due to the blood, sweat, tears, and activism of my ancestors. …

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The Election Clippings: Diversity Speakers are 47% Sure that Mitt Romney is 100% Removed | Jenny Triplett

The President of the United States of America, the highest position in the free world, is typically held by someone of an upstanding nature with outstanding character and a brilliance that is unmatched by a small percentage of the people they represent. The current position holder, Barack Obama, fits all of the requirements and exceeds the basic qualifications for the esteemed office. Rufus and Jenny Triplett are co-hosts and co-producers of the weekly radio show the Prisonworld Radio Hour which returns from hiatus October 1, on the Prisonworld Radio Network…

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The RNC Clippings: Sharpton: Is RNC’s Diversity Push and Opitical Illusion | VideoBuzz

VideoBuzz: Sharpton: Is the RNC’s Diversity Push and Opitical Illusion | Watch Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Follow the Buzz via PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton | Facebook The Clippings — You just got the buzz from www.DryerBuzz.com — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via http://Pitch.DryerBuzz.com   Posted via email from DryerBuzz’s posterous Extra BuzzCome Monday | Trump Pence Cam Newton Nelly and Dove | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Buzz it or…

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Job Clippings: National Black Data Processing Associates Launches ITDiversityCareers Technology Job Board

The National Black Data Processing Associates (NBDPA), the largest and oldest non-profit organization of African American professionals working in or having an interest in the computer science and information technology fields announced the launch of an information technology job board called ITDiversityCareers (www.ITDiversityCareers.com). Candidates with technology experience are able to register for free at ITDiversityCareers to make valuable connections with employers. “We wanted to assist our members and all IT professionals with their job searches. Information technology is in high demand and with salaries on the rise employers are constantly…

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