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Hair She Buzz | Watch DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore serve recipe for sweet “Lemonade” success at EntrepreNewHer quarterly speakers series

Hair She Buzz — Success happens when yes happens is what I always say.  Sometimes it’s hard to say yes. Yet when opportunity came to pinch hit for another speaker at EntrepreNewHer, decided to step up to the plate and serve — Lemonade. With only hours to prepare, went right for the book — or one of 27Answers series — 27Answers to Rock Like Beyonce and Serve Lemonade.  When served lemons, women make lemonade. Past two years, I’ve lived squarely in a lemon patch, grove, pasture, valley, up and down…

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27 Answers 

Periscope or Meerkat? Depends on your strategy – Spontaneous or Planned | #27Answers

27Answers — Technology changes so fast either of the two products mentioned below could be bigger, better, or gone before we finish this post.  But what we know now, your strategy dictates which one to use now or later. Launching your content via stream depends on your strategy.  Is your strategy spontaneous or planned or both? From our own best practices, streaming more than a decade, we find Periscope suits the spontaneous and Meerkat satisfies the planner. Of course this could change at a moment’s notice.  At post time, Periscope…

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