Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | Sinead O’Connor, Keyshia Cole, Amanda Davis

Hair She Buzz — We could run this post daily.  You know the one where women are lying, dying, crying, flying off the handle — or naked.  That’s the formula for women to make daily mainstream headlines.  It’s like that moment you have to turn to your girl friend and ask her — did he hit you?  Otherwise, she’d never tell. We been hit ladies!  Sinead O’Connor (accused of lying/missing), Keyshia Cole (known for flying off handle/finds father), and Amanda Davis (former news anchor admits alcoholism)  — see media assaults…

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DryerBuzzRadio | #WealthGap: Taxes and Fatherhood – Plus, listen how Ludacris custody case may have changed the game

SuperBuzz — DryerBuzzonWAOK moves to new time slot Sundays 1PM ET/4PM PT – Lock it in We opened the show with our money update on closing the #wealthgap.  We gave you the top ten athletes making money and wondered why so many end up #broke while others reaped millions in endorsements? Catch the buzz from DryerBuzzonWAOK SuperBowl SuperBuzz show with special guess from H&R Block answering your tax questions — especially the Obama question which now appears on tax forms relating to healthcare and having health insurance.  We even…

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Hair She Goes! Ohio woman, Valerie Spruill, unknowingly married her father | abc15

Clipped from Ohio woman, Valerie Spruill, unknowingly married her father | Veteran Akron Beacon Journal columnist Bob Dyer said his conversations with a Doylestown woman led to the “most bizarre story he has worked on in 28 years.” Valerie Spruill, 60, contacted Dyer with a desire to spill her family secret. They chatted on the phone several times and Spruill eventually agreed to meet with Dyer in a newspaper conference room. Dyer didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the jaw-dropping, stranger-than-fiction story she revealed. “When…

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