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How to stop great wealth robbery | #DryerBuzz

Where am I going with this … had to get quiet for minute to wait for answers on my next steps. After a year of trauma, a friend suggested I find my sanity doing something that’s not so much of a brain drain … but could give me time to think as well as stay afloat instead of drowning. So like most, I jumped on the #rideshare (#teamLyft) bandwagon for past few months. And like most, love it … meeting new people everyday, making new friends with regulars, and enjoying…

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Buzz Scroll Poll | Are bank fees and store hacks bringing cash back for you this holiday season?

Buzz Scroll Poll — Readying for holiday season and Black Friday shopping, one has to think twice about vulnerabilities as we now live in public.  The wrong swipe could land our information in hand of thieves.  Or worst, too many swipes creating riches for big banking crooks ripping us off with fees.  Never mind insane authorizations which imprison our dollars.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! Is it time to bring back cash this holiday season? What’s your spending plan – cash or credit?  Answer scroll poll below and tweet…

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