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How to stop great wealth robbery | #DryerBuzz

Where am I going with this … had to get quiet for minute to wait for answers on my next steps. After a year of trauma, a friend suggested I find my sanity doing something that’s not so much of a brain drain … but could give me time to think as well as stay afloat instead of drowning. So like most, I jumped on the #rideshare (#teamLyft) bandwagon for past few months. And like most, love it … meeting new people everyday, making new friends with regulars, and enjoying…

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Slavery: You should wish you had a slave mentality – Then you too … | The Clippings

You should wish you have a slave mentality Then you would… Have will to escape plantation Save family from degradation Create institutions of education Save country with innovation Master art of herbs as medication Be another generation’s confirmation Fight against defamation Maintain freedom in harmonization Enjoy communities full of implementation Make real use of proclamation You should wish you had a slave mentality – then you too would be a former slave! ~ Yalanda P Lattimore Go to the source – Listen to Fountain Hughes Follow the Buzz for more¬†…

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