News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

#DryerBuzz — “To survive as a single mom, I turned a closet into a tech space”

“To survive as a single mom, I turned a closet into a tech space and changed the game.” #DryerBuzz A mom of four, I grew tired of explaining how much moms have to work. I wanted weekends off, chances to go to PTA, and take my kids to school. I needed something to replace the second job, third job, summer job, and seasonal jobs . The answer was in my closet. I’d already tried with some success to launch businesses at the onset of ecommerce. Yet the world wasn’t quite…

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Dee Dee Cocheta Williams Changed the Game | Remembering Dee Dee In Her Own Words | Sunset 2014

VideoBuzz: In Her Own Words – DryerBuzz and Route TV Remembers Dee Dee Cocheta Williams  –  How She Changed the Game In Her Own Words Deemed by Atlanta Journal Constitution as the ‘maestro of marketing,’ Dee Dee M. Cocheta orchestrated her marketing skills in Radio before she went on to her next goal in life, spearheading A.B.C. Publicity in 1999. This award-winning PR and marketing professional coordinated publicity efforts for music, fashion & film events, developed marketing and PR campaigns for hundreds of independent and major Grammy-award winning artists. Because of…

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