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Don’t FeedaBlogger When She’s Juicing | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Let the end of summer juicing begin. First we’re replacing snacking with juicing before diving into full on meal replacements. Want to bring back good habits first. Summer food blogging had us dining all over Atlanta and beyond. We posted then we ate it. From chilli slaw dogs to best BBQ ever. Not to mention festival food, hotel conference food and desserts. Open bar events didn’t help either. Twenty, yes 20lbs later, here comes headaches and backaches. Also fatigue. So time to turn it all around before fall, new season…

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Livng Atlanta Style 

Peachtree Road Race 2017 | Faces from all nations living and loving southern hospitality | Follow the Buzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle — Not as disciplined as the runners, we were a little late to the race but look who we caught bringing up the rear. These walkers gave us hope for next year.  Plus we got to see some faces of excitement as the first round returned with their much coveted AJC Peachtree Road Race Shirts and goodie bags. The number says you’re started but the t-shirt says you finished. We love watching Atlanta run, roll, and stroll by.  There’s no other chance, in a year’s time, to see what…

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The Clippings | Let’s talk about neurodiversity – Autism and Asperger’s syndrome | Harold “Hackie” Reitman

The Clippings — Are we talking enough about neurodiversity? Known for it’s many weekend 5k walks and races, Atlanta has no shortage of walks and causes. However African Americans, participating in events and seeking resources, they often find themselves doubly in the minority. At a walk for autism, we met a mom who encouraged us to have more conversation and provide more resources.  So, when Harold “Hackie” Reitman, M.D. sent us a copy of his latest national release Aspertools: The Practical Guide for Understanding and Embracing Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorders,…

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DryerBuzzRadio | Does Size Matter? What’s too big? Too Thin? Just Right? Women Weigh In | Plus are our leading ladies empowered and is Kanye still Genius?

DryerBuzzonWAOK — Get ready for another great debate.  Blogging comes to radio with DryerBuzz on News and Talk Radio 1380 WAOK Sundays.  Pulling right from our headlines and timelines, buzz about hot topics of the week. Hear comments from readers, listeners, and followers as we bring you a great debate.  Here are a few topics up for debate. Does size matter? What’s too big, too thin, and just right? Women Weigh In #HairSheBuzz Are African American tv leading ladies fully empowered? Why did our post on Viola Davis strike such…

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Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | When Suicide Comes Calling | Guest Blog by Kasey Woods

Clipped from – contributed by Kasey Woods In the wake of Miss Jessie’s founder Titi Branch’s death, we are going through the same stage of collective grieving that always follows a high-profile suicide. We regurgitate the same verbiage. We ask the same questions:  How is it that someone so beautiful, so prominent, so successful could have felt that they had no other way out besides suicide? How has this happened? Why didn’t she talk to someone? Why? Why?? We log on to our computers and offer our condolences while looking…

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DryerBuzzRadio | Buzz Behind the Music with Ian Burke | Plus artists debate future of Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop

Catch buzz missed on DryerBuzzonWAOK as we buzzed behind the music with Ian Burke, industry veteran with decades of history making buzz behind artists from Atlanta and beyond.  We asked Burke what’s the future for “selling records” and how does one know when they have “it”? Listen to his response.  Following Burke, artists and promoters debate future of Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop and how to keep passion and true music flowing in the days of one hit youtube wonders and vine stars. Guest links: Ian Burke | Fountaine Lewis…

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Hair She Buzz | Black Women’s Health still America’s hobby? | 7 Timelines to follow #birthcontrol buzz

Clipped from various timelines and sources: “the U.S. Supreme Court undermined the intent of the Affordable Care Act with its decision that closely held corporations can use personal religious beliefs as a basis to exclude coverage for contraception in employer-based health insurance.” Post by SCOTUS #birthcontrol order exempting Christian college deepens gender divide. Female justices issue fierce dissent. — Dorothy Roberts (@DorothyERoberts) July 4, 2014 Why is still ok to only have 3 women on the #SCOTUS? 3 justices out of 9, that doesn't reflect #US society. And it's wrong….

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Hair She Buzz: Gabourey Sidibe ‘If they hadn’t told me I was ugly’ | Watch remarks from ‪#‎GloriaAwards

VideoBuzz: “If they hadn’t told me I was ugly, I never would have searched for my beauty. And if they hadn’t tried to break me down, I wouldn’t know that I’m unbreakable.” – Gabourey Sidibe at the ‪#‎GloriaAwards‬ – video clipped from Awesomely Luvvie Post by Awesomely Luvvie. theClippings — you just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look at life.  Extra Buzz#LivingAtlantaStyle Brunch by Brunch | Watch Women in Power #DryerBuzz — Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director Hair She Buzz — Gabby Douglas Hair is a Pressing Issue…

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Buzz from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference | New Orleans

Live buzz captured from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference, New Orleans.  Follow the Buzz | Live Stream Links   theClippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzBreakfast with DryerBuzz Salon Takeover! Jon ‘Ric Int’l Luxury & Wellness Spa | LaborDayWeekend Real Mayoral Candidates of Atlanta Starring Kasim Reed as NeNe Leakes | See rest of the cast | Living Atlanta Style with DryerBuzz Watch Cobb County on how one of their officers just destroyed their entire…

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Sleep Water Love: Abundantly available, yet so deprived?

I can remember the first day my son, my youngest, let me sleep in.  He decided to wake himself. Dress himself. Get himself to the bus and to school without my help.  After waking to the sound of the wheels on the bus going round and round, I rushed to his room only to discover he was on that bus without his mother’s help.  I worried all day about what he wore. What if something happened and I didn’t know how to describe him. Mother’s do that.  Although he was…

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Dee Dee Cocheta Williams Changed the Game | Remembering Dee Dee In Her Own Words | Sunset 2014

VideoBuzz: In Her Own Words – DryerBuzz and Route TV Remembers Dee Dee Cocheta Williams  –  How She Changed the Game In Her Own Words Deemed by Atlanta Journal Constitution as the ‘maestro of marketing,’ Dee Dee M. Cocheta orchestrated her marketing skills in Radio before she went on to her next goal in life, spearheading A.B.C. Publicity in 1999. This award-winning PR and marketing professional coordinated publicity efforts for music, fashion & film events, developed marketing and PR campaigns for hundreds of independent and major Grammy-award winning artists. Because of…

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#SupportJai – Jai Stone Challenges Obesity on TD Jakes Presents: Mind, Body & Soul Sneak Peek: Sneak Peek: Healthier You Part 1

VideoBuzz:  Everybody knows Jai as a national branding queen, motivator, and she writes for Essence magazine. But we also know that Jai struggles with — I don’’t wanna say struggle with — because she’s at a point now of overcoming obesity. So we want watch and #supportjai – everybody needs to tweet that this weekend. She’s lifting a veil on her life to help others. She’s motivated us all, we’re now about to see why Jai carried the weight and what she was carrying with it. The show airs Sunday…

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Hair She Buzz! You Fit Opens and the Buzz Loses 10 lbs | Should she keep going?

Hair She Buzz! You Fit Gym opened in Douglasville, GA and the editor of loses 10lbs.  Should she keep going? There’s something so not intimidating about this gym. Perhaps it’s the colors, the staff, or neighbors working out next to you. Something made me go all in and next thing I know — 10lbs gone! I’ve worked out before at a few popular gyms, but You Fit Gym feels like home. Ok that’s cheesy – but it’s so close to home – there’s no excuse. Feels like regular people…

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Sunday Supper Secrets: Don’t let oil spoil dinner – lighten up! | Watch and learn before you burn

When shopping for Sunday supper, there’s an aisle in the grocers which makes us go whoa! How many oils can there be? Which is healthy for me? Let’s not forget flavor. What’s up with the prices? We found a few supper secrets on YouTube to share below.  Don’t let oil spoil your Sunday dinner.  Learn before you burn. Watch! Cooking Eggplant in Olive Oil in the Skillet : Healthy & Delicious Food How to Cook Healthy With the Right Oil : Eating Right on the Mediterranean Diet Dr Robert Cassar…

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Paula Deen dethroned, someone has to cook supper – Follow the Buzz for Sunday Supper Secrets

Hungry? Fresh out of our editorial meeting at, we’re proud to invite you to follow us for Sunday Supper Secrets.  Dinner is served — but where? How? By whom?  We’ve got answers with Sunday Supper Secrets. After shaking up our schedule and moving theatre outings to Thursday for Thursday Theatre, we wondered what to do for Sundays?  Trips to  theatre always sent us on search for supper afterwards. So, why not revisit  our favorite spots to see if they would share supper secrets. We’re hitting up our favorite chefs,…

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