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Is “smartphone only internet” limiting Blacks and Hispanics? | Follow the Buzz with DryerBuzz

DryerBuzz — In this episode of DryerBuzz Live have breakfast with DryerBuzz.com and learn how facts make the best clapbacks. From NFL’s kneeling sunday, police brutality, black civic engagement and more.  We’ve got the buzz behind the buzz and then some — plus breakfast. Also, we take a look how a Pew Research report addresses how cord cutting may not best for Blacks and Hispanics.  Is “smartphone only internet” limiting Blacks and Hispanics?  We asked viewers if technology improved their quality of life as it relates to time and money….

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Buzzing Opinion | The Real About Black White Wealth Gap

We’re giving it all away. There are several dynamics to perception of ‪#‎wealthgap‬. First consideration to take into account — households and households’ median wealth. Blacks of certain incomes, or a considerable portion of certain age groups, mostly live alone as individuals outside of families or in splintered households — or file income taxes and answer polls as such.  On equal foundation — the gap lessens. Living separately, means spending more for same resources – mortgages/rent, groceries, utilities, etc. Additionally, investments, savings, and ownership which create wealth streams — remain…

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The Buzz with that Brother! President Obama Get’s Tough “I Didn’t Ask for An Argument” | Watch

Discipline and disrespect was tone for the week after Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar’s arrest. Dollar was arrested for allegedly going overboard with discipline of his teenage daughter.  By end of week, disrespect made it’s way  to the White House. President Obama was making a speech, to woo a segment of his waning demographic, in the Rose Garden on his plans to stop deporting younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.  The president had to get tough.  Watch The Obama administration was once accused of deporting  “more Hispanics…

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