Language of Men 

Watch Photographer Corey Cottrell in his tell all episode of Klique | MCM

DryerBuzz — Binge watching to catch up on Klarque Garrison’s 12 part Docu-series on photographers, we spotted Corey Cottrell — okay, we spotted his beard first. Then came the eyes. Then we realized he was actually the 5th in a 12 part series documenting love and art of photographers captured by our friend and media master Klarque Garrison. At DryerBuzz, we love a passionate man — who shares details of his life in the language of men. In his episode of Klique, Corey takes us behind his lens, as a protégé of…

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LivingAtlantaStyle! Dana L. Perry’s The Prodigal Daughter Stage Play with Tony Terry, Ed Hartwell, Silvia Manning

Starring R&B superstar Tony Terry, Housewives of Atlanta and NFL Great, Ed Hartwell and the Beautiful Silvia Manning (Walker Texas Ranger). Written by Dana L. Perry. A story about lust, love and deception. What happens when a beautiful woman of faith loses her way and falls in love with a married man? Will she be able to find her way back to God…or will this sin do her in? Join us for an honest, vulnerable story that will touch your heart! Saturday, September 8, 2012 7pm VIP Red Carpet Show…

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