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Breakfast with DryerBuzz 

What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? | Breakfast with DryerBuzz Podcast

#DryerBuzz — Put a ring on it? What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? Beyoncé’s anthem not on repeat as much these days. Honestly, who can play? Can you? Celebrities live in public but the public not too far behind when it comes to wives versus side chicks.  In this episode of Breakfast with DryerBuzz, we asked what’s in a ring? Married folk pulling us into their drama on social media. Captain save a garden tool ranting, venting, and allegedly breaking laws with revenge nudity. Side chicks…

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Is this your future in a tweet… Get the Buzz behind the Buzz Can you BRING IT to radio? Are you ready for the major leagues? Can you handle sitting side by side with Ryan Cameron host of the Ryan Cameron Afternoon Show; the King of urban radio? As you can see from the tweet above,  a few people already got the jump on Cameron’s afternoon tweet. But are YOU ready to put your voices, quick wit, and personality to the test for the career move of a lifetime. Question…

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