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DryerBuzz Returns to YouTube Live | Follow the Buzz

#DryerBuzz — Excited to get back to blogging after an amazing but tireless summer.  The one place we were missing this summer was YouTube.  But look where we’re buzzing now. YouTube Live is back and mobile friendly. Already, we’re planning exciting content. If browsing from desktop, you’ll notice the YouTube Live player in the sidebar.  If mobile, just scroll to player below. Watch live or on-demand. Never miss a minute of the buzz.  From Living Atlanta Style to Breakfast with DryerBuzz, you’ll enjoy great content live, interactive, and buzzing….

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Livng Atlanta Style 

Living Atlanta Style | Wednesday Winddown Douglasville Highlights | Photos and Videos

Living Atlanta Style — One of our favorite blogging experiences is Living Atlanta Style stage by stage.  Atlanta is a city filled with stages.  Sometimes it seems the smaller the better.  Our favorite are intimate venues as larger venues often become radio. We like to enjoy a show up close and personal. Douglasville Wednesday Winddown provides exactly that! Takes place over summer at O’Neal Plaza on Wednesday evenings.  We’ll see you at the next one, but in the meantime, enjoy highlights from Julius Williams and band.  Introductions in video highlights….

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News Clippings 

the Clippings | Watch The Wiz again courtesy of NBC | #thewizlive

the Clippings — Watch The Wiz again courtesy of NBC — enjoy your favorite scenes and characters. Player embedded below or click here. the Clippings — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzWatch Woman at Center of Kevin Hart’s Scandal in Press Conference with Lisa Bloom | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Why Kevin Hart’s Heart Ain’t In It | This Ain’t That Book Club but comedian wrote about cheating | DryerBuzz Harpo! Why’s Kevin Hart Apologizing? Follow the Buzz…

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DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style 

DryerBuzzTV | #BehindtheBuzz of Fetch Clay Make Man Cast Talkback | Watch

Behind the Buzz — Living Atlanta Style stage by stage, we buzzed to see Fetch Clay Make Man, the story of a friendship between Stepin Fetchit and Muhammad Ali.  Following the Sunday matinee, the cast and director held a talk back to discuss the play and the dynamics of the friendships and challenges each man faced as leading influences of a culture. As part of our fall/winter editorial, DryerBuzz will venture to theatre Sundays and/or Wednesday to support live and local theatre.  Follow the buzz with DryerBuzz on Meetup for…

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27 Answers 

Periscope or Meerkat? Depends on your strategy – Spontaneous or Planned | #27Answers

27Answers — Technology changes so fast either of the two products mentioned below could be bigger, better, or gone before we finish this post.  But what we know now, your strategy dictates which one to use now or later. Launching your content via stream depends on your strategy.  Is your strategy spontaneous or planned or both? From our own best practices, streaming more than a decade, we find Periscope suits the spontaneous and Meerkat satisfies the planner. Of course this could change at a moment’s notice.  At post time, Periscope…

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Atlanta Stage by Stage! Seven (7) Buzzing Theatre Events This Weekend | April 18 – 21st

We’re Living Atlanta Style Stage by Stage! Follow the buzz around time to see who’s setting the stage for great performances. Follow the Buzz to Watch After the Show on Youtube Living Atlanta Style — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Invite to Experience Your Events via Extra BuzzMTV Wild N Out at Atlanta Barbershop | Watch Chico Bean & Yung Joc Host Battle | Follow the Buzz #WildNOutAtl Tour Atlanta Braves Past and Present at Suntrust…

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Fifteen (15) Events to Start Living Atlanta Style This Weekend with Mike Tyson, Avant, Stepping, Wine Tasting, Films and More | April 18 – 21st

Start Living Atlanta Style — Follow the Buzz around Atlanta and beyond. Click a flyer. Grab some friends and Start Living Atlanta Style!   For more Buzz About Atlanta listen to & Company Saturday 1PM – Turn us up in the salons and barbershops. Listen from salon or phone 646-652-2642 Living Atlanta Style — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Invite to Experience Your Events via Extra BuzzSunset | William J “Bill” Taggart | Memorial at Morehouse…

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Great Salon Debate: 42Movie, Atlanta Pitch Dish, Blogging for Business | Listen Saturday April 13th 1PM ET/Noon CT

We’re turning up the heat from salons and beyond with a Great Salon Debate.  Follow the Buzz at and tweet with us on twitter @DryerBuzz Have you seen 42 Movie? Did the story of Jackie Roosevelt Robinson make you fall in love again with baseball? Plus, Atlanta Pitch Dish is setting the stage for startups Sunday April 14th – Get the Buzz behind the Buzz. Want to learn to blog for your business.  Don’t miss Blogging for Business and Nonprofits Workshops kicking off from Atlanta and beyond.  We’ve got the…

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Hair She Goes! Listen: How to Make ‘Women’ All Inclusive | Why Are Women Practicing ‘isms’ on Each Other? | Great Salon Debates the Podcast

Hair She Goes! Why are women practicing ‘isms’ on each other? Listen for how to make ‘women’ all inclusive. Time to turn up the heat with a great salon debate.  We’ll provide the top, you provide the debate.  Join us live on the line OR keep the top going at, twitter, Facebook and more. How to Make ‘Women” All Inclusive.  Why are women practicing the ‘isms against each other.  Get it together girl.  It’s our world. It’s also Women’s History Month. Listen to internet radio with DryerBuzz and Co…

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Valentine’s Day Podcast: Finance Before Romance Before Scandal | Chat Live with Money Experts | Feb 14th 9PM

Update: Days after live stream, Buzz was still in the air.  So we brought the panel back for more in a live podcast. Catch the Buzz on-demand.  Listen and then watch the original broadcast below. Listen to internet radio with DryerBuzz and Co on Blog Talk Radio Click to Listen Online via BlogTalkRadio or Listen via Phone (646) 652-2642 Valentine’s Day Buzz: It seems the live stream was not enough.  Viewers want more.  By popular demand, join and for a live podcast Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14 starting at 9PM….

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TV Clippings: Top Spot to Watch Grammy Awards Live Stream

VideoBuzz: Music’s Biggest Night doesn’t want you to miss a beat.  Watch the 55th GRAMMY Awards on CBS. There’s even an app for that. Follow the Buzz via Grammy Awards Live Stream  The Clippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via   Extra BuzzSunset Mr Dick Gregory | Comedic Legend and Civil Rights Activist | Death Notice Michael Moore and Followers Challenge Trump and Trump Towers Post Charlottesville…

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Monday! Change the Game Over Lunch with DryerBuzz & RouteTV | Live NOON: Richelle Tamu Shaw, Tarra Msmadammoney Jackson, Clyde Anderson, Rob Wilson

Back to the Boardroom… Catch the Buzz You Missed: Watch On-Demand Join and as we head back to the boardroom for our February live chat via Youtube and Google Hangout Monday, February 11, 2013 NOON.  Change the Game Over Lunch with special guests Richelle Tamu Shaw, Tarra Msmadammoney Jackson, Clyde Anderson, Rob Wilson.  Each will bring their wealth of experience with money management and business growth. Watch live from home or phone at and  A youtube link provided Monday. Live Stream Executive Produced by Liberty White….

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Hair She Goes! Watch: Buzzing Events To Start Living Atlanta Style This Weekend | Jan 24-27th | Sojouner, BlackandLatino Power Tour and More

VideoBuzz: Get the buzz behind the buzz to start Living Atlanta Style — Stage by Stage — this weekend Jan 25-27th with Yalanda Lattimore and Headlines included in this weekend update Theatre Buzz: See Sojourner at 7 Stages Theatre January 23-27, 2013 | starring Barrymore Award Nominee Zuhairah | Living Atlanta Style Hair She Goes! Replay: Beyonce Sings the National Anthem | Plus Kelly Clarkson at the 2013 Inauguration of Barack Obama | Inaug2013 Hair She Goes! Tisha Tallman Keynotes 2013 Hispanic Branding Power Tour & Luncheon…

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TV Clippings: Watch Usher AMA Medley | Catch the Buzz You Missed

VideoBuzz: Watch Usher AMA Medley The Clippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via Extra BuzzMegaFest and Essence Festival Go Head to Head | Follow the Buzz Hamilton needs to run forever or cast won’t have jobs? | Follow the Buzz What 20 Years In Prison Sounds Like | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Podcast: Are Facebook Groups the New Nonprofits? Binge on Buzz Question of the…

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Election Clippings! Watch: President Obama Wins Relection with 47% Plus! Watch Reaction From Atlanta | RouteTV

VideoBuzz: Yalanda Lattimore of hosts ROUTE TV’s Election Night Live Stream. Take a minute to enjoy the fiery, yet insightful conversations about the future of the nation. Special thanks to The Legacy Keepers and the Opera Night Club facilitating this broadcast. Follow the Buzz to watch FULL COVERAGE via [poll id=”66″] PhotoBuzz: The Morning After Clippings: Obama tops Romney for 2d term President Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday to win reelection to the White House, echoing his historic victory of four years … Presidential Election…

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