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Buzz it or Bash it? Love Diddy’s new name or nah? | Love or Brother Love | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Sean Combs aka Diddy aka Puff Daddy broke breaking news for his birthday. The name game changed again — watch Diddy, we mean Love, make the announcement. I did it again BREAKING NEWS!!!! MY NEW NAME IS LOVE OR BROTHER LOVE!!! Or NOTHIN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! A post shared by Diddy (@diddy) on Nov 4, 2017 at 1:35pm PDT In other news, we’ve decided to remain for another year — out sweet sixteenth year! Happy Birthday Diddy and DryerBuzz. #DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz…

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News Clippings 

Guest Bloggers Wanted | Wish it was Fiction Series – Submit Short Stories

Ever heard someone say, can’t make this stuff up? If yours is that story then we want it for a new feature at Guest bloggers wanted for Wish it was Fiction series to run through summer with possible extension. Looking for stories of humor, love, parenting, relationships, Justice, weird, odd, sane, believable and unbelievable. Submit stories where if you told us, we wouldn’t believe. Our editor will review and post with permission. Submissions can consist of original or previously published works or excerpts; audio podcasts: or video shorts. In exchange, enjoy…

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DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style 

DryerBuzzTV | Are women too quick to judge? Watch full episode of Language of Men with Braxton Family Values Andre Carter and Poet/Author Roosevelt McQueen

DryerBuzzTV — Are women too quick to judge? How are we at sizing up men and each other? Just a couple of questions that came through in this episode of Language of Men when Braxton’s Family Values husband, father, and author Andre Carter took the hot seat with Author and Poet Roosevelt McQueen. What happens when we let men speak? Watch and enjoy as this debate sure to keep salons and barbershops buzzing as we binge on buzz.  Enjoy, share and leave comments.  Tweet with Andre @iknowandre and Roosevelt @kingthe1st…

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DryerBuzzTV | What’s Love Got to Do with Us? | Valentine’s Day Takeover in the Language of Men

DryerBuzzTV — Language of Men is back. To help us kick it off, R&B artist Xavier Lewis stopped by to takeover DryerBuzzLive with the help of author RJ Hodges and business expert JaRod Morris.  We gave them one question — What’s Love Got to Do with Us? From that one question came a great debate.  Watch and enjoy as the fellas discuss selecting mates, to managing daily grinds and finding time for each other, to who determines the foundation of love and relationships.  The guys paid particular attention to lives…

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Hair She Buzz Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz: I am mad tired hurt exhausted sleep deprived and all cried out. What? You didnt know? | I’m a Woman

Hair She Buzz — I’m mad, tired, hurt, exhausted, sleep deprived, and all cried out. What? You didn’t know? Cause I’m a woman. As many love to put it — a strong black woman. Just once, I would like to fall like the chick in the weekly movie and have someone pick me up to carry me the rest of the way. Ain’t happening. Listen: Every time a tear forms in my eye, I hear be strong. Nobody ever asks what’s wrong? Thank God I take life in seasons. Already…

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Sleep Water Love: Abundantly available, yet so deprived?

I can remember the first day my son, my youngest, let me sleep in.  He decided to wake himself. Dress himself. Get himself to the bus and to school without my help.  After waking to the sound of the wheels on the bus going round and round, I rushed to his room only to discover he was on that bus without his mother’s help.  I worried all day about what he wore. What if something happened and I didn’t know how to describe him. Mother’s do that.  Although he was…

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Top 8 Atlanta Valentine’s Day Events: Red Panty Society, Couples and Cocktails, Black Love Day, Mending the Heart

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz – Top 8 Atlanta Valentine’s Day Events: Red Panty Society, Couples and Cocktails, Black Love Day, Mending the Heart VideoBuzz Audio Buzz: Raw Transcript Let’s get it buzzing with Entertainment Buzz. It’s the VDay edition – ice ice Atlanta has melted. its time to melt some hearts with Top 8 and it’s a date – weekend for lover’s begin. Number 8 Couples and Cocktails “The Valentines Night Edition 2014” Doug Stewart One half of the 2 Live Stews! An Upscale Valentines Night Party for Grown Folks…

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10 Events to let your hair down in Atlanta August 8th-11th | Fat Girls Diaries, Fuitvale Station Talk Back, Neighborhood Jazz, Love Confidential, Taste of Yea #LivingAtlantaStyle

Living Atlanta Style – Atlanta is your destination for fun, food, and festivals. Let your hair down this weekend, August 8th-11th. Follow the Buzz around Atlanta this weekend. Click a flyer for details. Catch the Buzz from last week as we buzzed Atlanta events. Follow the Buzz this week with our Instagram and Tweets@DryerBuzz buzzing right now above and in the sidebar. This is a live blog.  Have a great event this weekend, tag us and we’ll post flyer. Living Atlanta Style — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the…

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Hair She Buzz! Aiming for His Bed Won’t Get You Into His Heart | Scandal’ust

Hair She Buzz! — Aiming for his head and his bed won’t get you into his heart.  There’s the lesson right there.  No need to keep reading – unless you want or need 50 ways to ignore it.  Okay, you’re not ready so let’s keep going.  Where you exist and who you are to a man is in his eyes — the window to his heart.  His looking at you tells you where you exist.  How many times have you heard “a friend” say, “girl, he was looking at me…

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Live Blog: 16 Events (and counting) to Let Your Hair Down In Atlanta this Weekend | June 6th – 9th | Lance Gross, Plastic Cup Boyz, Estelle, Fringe Festival, Love Confidential and More

Hair She Goes! — Living Atlanta Style – Atlanta is your destination for family fun, food, and festivals. Let your hair down this weekend, June 6th -9th. Follow the Buzz around Atlanta this weekend. Click a flyer for details. HairSheBuzz The Podcast – Listen as editor Yalanda P. Lattimore turns up the heat on events and hot topics of the week. There’s more.  Follow the Buzz LIVE as we blog around Atlanta and beyond. [View the story “Living Atlanta Style June 6th-9th” on Storify] Living Atlanta Style — You…

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Buzz Poll: Should Father’s Day Remain on the Calendar? Real Dads Stand Up

If you’re a father — you’re doing it wrong. Sorry – but there’s really no where to turn to learn to get it right.  Father’s Day is coming! You’re about to become overshadowed by all the dads that aren’t dads. Again, sorry.  That is the nature of our being.  We spend more time and energy on those who are NOT than those who ARE. Is your book of life to do or not to do what your father did? Chance are, you have tried to figure out fatherhood every since…

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Hair She Goes! the Podcast with Special Guest Christian Erotica Author and Filmmaker DiShan Washington | Listen

Join for a great debate with christian erotica author and filmmaker DiShan Washington. Her new movie Let’s Get It On premieres in Atlanta May 4th.  Come buzz it with DryerBuzz About DiShan Washington @iamDiShan DiShan is also a powerful minister, dynamic motivational speaker, an effective life coach, and savvy business woman. Read More | Let’s Get It On Premiere | Facebook Fan Page Listen with host Yalanda P. Lattimore, editor of Show Highlights: Did she say intimacy #3 cause of divorce for christian couples Porn industry makes how…

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Hair She Goes! Five (5) Events to Let Your Hair Down This Weekend | April 18-21st

Hair She Goes! Start Living Atlanta Style – Events to let your hair down this weekend, April 18 – 21st.  Click a flyer to see details.  Submit events via Living Atlanta Style — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Invite to Experience Your Events via Extra BuzzBlack Girls Cook Too | Now we can cook with Ayesha Curry® Home Collection | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Natural soap maker Zakia Ringgold’s gifted hands yields to art in soap…

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Podcast: Are marriages surviving despite perception of new relationship norms? — We Asked the Experts | Great Debate Before Scandal

Catch the buzz from a great debate before Scandal. We asked the experts — are marriages surviving despite perception of new relationship norms such as perceived accepted infidelity? What are temptations in dating, relationships, and marriage? Speaking of temptations, with Temptation movie opening, is art imitating life? OR, are we just being entertained. We talked with experts in this podcast taped live before Scandal and weekend release of Tyler Perry’s Temptation movie starring Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross, and Robbie Jones. Listen to internet radio with DryerBuzz and Co on Blog…

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Hair She Goes! Black Love Ain’t a Black Thang

Hair She Goes! My name is Yalanda and I’m a veteran pioneering twitterer. My timeline comes to life sometimes before I open my eyes.  I reach for my tablet and at this stage in the game, my glasses.  Once both are firmly in place, I open my eyes.  First tweet is most often “morning tworld,” after which I attempt to say something semi motivational. As the responses flow in, there is always the one seeking a retweet or two.  My endorsement and influence is what it is.  Powerful! Most tweets…

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