Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | Sinead O’Connor, Keyshia Cole, Amanda Davis

Hair She Buzz — We could run this post daily.  You know the one where women are lying, dying, crying, flying off the handle — or naked.  That’s the formula for women to make daily mainstream headlines.  It’s like that moment you have to turn to your girl friend and ask her — did he hit you?  Otherwise, she’d never tell. We been hit ladies!  Sinead O’Connor (accused of lying/missing), Keyshia Cole (known for flying off handle/finds father), and Amanda Davis (former news anchor admits alcoholism)  — see media assaults…

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Help Find Stacey Nicole English | Family Appeals for Public’s Help | Atlanta Asked to Rally Search Pray

Help Find Stacey Nicole English – Family and friends ready to canvas and search, rally at CNN, pause for prayer. Family and friends of Stacey Nicole English appeared on Atlanta radio briefing the city on efforts to find the missing Atlanta woman that has captured the hearts of many but little attention from police. To follow the case, friends have setup a Facebook page “Help Us Find Stacey Nicole English.” Friday, January 6th, a rally is planned at CNN HLN where the family will conduct an interview.  Teams are…

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