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#DryerBuzz – Me Myself and Monday

#DryerBuzz – I’m writing this on Tuesday because yesterday was all me, myself, and Monday. Probably first time in thirty years as a worker bee, mom, daughter, citizen of civic duty, blogger, author, and lately caregiver, that I took a Monday for myself. No Sunday night anxiety. No early rising. No laundry. No lateness. No lunches. No bills. No bill collectors. No phone calls. Not much of anything unless it was for me, myself, and Monday. What did I do with myself? Went for a drive. But get this. My…

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Mad Over Nothing Dreaming About Yesterday aka M.O.N.D.A.Y | Hated 12 Years a Slave But Here’s What We Loved

PAUSE: by Hate we mean highly anticipated the error ! (H.A.T.E.) Are you mad over nothing and dreaming about yesterday, then you have a clear cut case of the M.O.N.D.A.Y. blues.  Get rid of the blues.  Take a moment to relive your weekend. Did you have fun with family, friends, followers?  Browse back through your instagram or facebook to enjoy your moment.  Print out pictures and start a scrapbook. The best way to get rid of the blues is to create and enjoy memories. Browse our photos below to see…

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