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Come Monday | Trump Pence Cam Newton Nelly and Dove | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Come Monday we can all quarterback. Hindsight is 20/20. Yet, better than hindsight is looking at situations after emotions have settled and each situation can be viewed from points of facts. Fact is Trump and Pence have an agenda of dividing the country. Fact is these are two very failed men who can’t deliver on any of the policies promised to their constituents. In that vein they can on seek to divide and deflect. Over the weekend, Pence made a political move to leave an NFL football game…

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The Cut with that Brother! Rapper Nelly Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Apple Bottoms | Meet and Greet At CitiTrends in Atlanta March 31st

Multi-platinum, Grammy-award winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur- Cornell “Nelly” Haynes- will hold an autograph signing and meet and greet for fans at CitiTrends in Atlanta, GA. Kicking off the 10-year anniversary of his women’s apparel line- Apple Bottoms- Nelly will appear at the retail store to celebrate the success of their partnership and growth of the brand. CitiTrends, whose corporate office is headquartered in Savannah, GA and has 482 stores in 27 states, will host the Apple Bottoms and Nelly in-store autograph signing. Showcasing the new spring collection, Nelly and…

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