Buzz it or Bash it 

Buzz it or Bash it? Would you give Amazon a key? Mad much at porch pirates? | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We have all seen videos where thieves roll up right after deliveries. They help themselves to our packages. Ain’t nobody got time trying to out smart porch pirates. Nor do we have time to give up the freedom online shopping provides. We are already looking forward to avoiding long lines and parking wars at the mall and big box stores.┬áBut are you giving Amazon a key? In home delivery? Let me think about that. Available to Prime subscribers, the “Amazon Key” solution requires an app, a “smart” lock…

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News Clippings 

Question of the Future: What Became of American Malls | Follow the Buzz

#DryerBuzz — Don’t let the title scare you … yet! Calling this one “What Became of the American Mall” so I won’t have to search for this post later when malls are no more. No more malls? It could happen. Especially with 2017 doomsday retail predictions with growth of online business and convenience, curb and door to door services — dare I say Amazon. Personally, in my honest opinion, Amazon stays winning because the competition is either not in the game yet or current retailers forfeit every chance to meet…

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