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Buzz it or Bash it? Cam Newton Sexist? Watch Jourdan Rodrigue Exchange | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Buzz it or Bash it? That’s Sexist! Court of Cam Newton vs Female Reporter Jourdan Rodrigue | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz VideoBuzz: Watch DryerBuzz Buzz it or Bash it? | Plus see if you can tell Cam Newton’s intent #DryerBuzz — First and foremost, Jourdan Rodrigue says she was offended — end of story.  But lets talk about sexism in the court of public opinion. Why Cam Newton called out the reporters gender — we don’t know. We certainly won’t give you the old adage of boys will be boys…

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the Clippings | Super Polls from Super Bowl – See how your friends voted from teams to commercials | win or fail

the Clippings — We scored more than the big game launching super polls on Super Bowl for #SB50.  While we kept our eye on Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, we also polled followers to see how they scored everything from national anthem, halftime, commercials and other trending moments.  See results embedded below. What's to blame for #panthers #sb50 lost? #offense #defense #experience — Yalanda @DryerBuzz (@DryerBuzz) February 8, 2016 #drake #tmobile #SB50 commercial #win or #fail — Yalanda @DryerBuzz (@DryerBuzz) February 8, 2016 #SuperBowlBabies #SB50 commercial #win or #fail —…

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the Clippings | Countdown to Cam Bowl – I mean Super Bowl #CamBuzz

the Clippings — It’s countdown to Cam Bowl — or at least it appears to be Cam bowl.  With each Super Bowl there’s that which drives the most excitement.  Very few times has it been about the teams as much as it is a driving controversy, expected celebrity, national anthem, and half time. We can’t get enough from the #CamNewton hashtag.  From his dabs to his fashion — did you see those Versace Yellow Barocco Zebraprint pants??? That was all anybody could talk about at start of super week.  What will he…

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