Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Success of Diversity Changes Nothing?| Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#WeLiveInPublic — Copy and steal everything! Level up. Take it to next level. Own it. All advice from who many deem to be the top guru’s peddling and pimping confidence and courage from one end of the planet to the other. Neither of them original — what is original? There’s always the original. In the shadows. At the start. In the beginning. Without a story. No history. There is always the first. But that’s another blog. Today, let’s get to the bottom line, the root of the problem, so we…

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Living Atlanta Style | Atlanta relives life of Paul Robeson with one man play by Stogie Kenyatta

Living Atlanta Style — Friend of the buzz and star of the stage Stogie Kenyatta arrived back into Atlanta to wow history buffs and theatre goers with his one man play “The World is my Home-The Life of Paul Robeson“. We couldn’t let the weekend of shows go without a buzzing interview with Kenyatta.  As we revisited history, flood gates opened on a great debate which Stogie obliged on DryerBuzz on News and Talk 1380 #DryerBuzzonWAOK.  Listen, enjoy, and comment. Interview with Stogie Kenyatta with Yalanda P Lattimore and Antavius…

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Slavery: You should wish you had a slave mentality – Then you too … | The Clippings

You should wish you have a slave mentality Then you would… Have will to escape plantation Save family from degradation Create institutions of education Save country with innovation Master art of herbs as medication Be another generation’s confirmation Fight against defamation Maintain freedom in harmonization Enjoy communities full of implementation Make real use of proclamation You should wish you had a slave mentality – then you too would be a former slave! ~ Yalanda P Lattimore Go to the source – Listen to Fountain Hugheshttp://memory.loc.gov/service/afc/afc9999001/9990a.mp3 Follow the Buzz for more¬†http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/collections/voices/vfssp.html…

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HairSheGoes! Who Needs DJango When There’s Paul Robeson | History No Place for Fiction | Watch

Right from the theatre and into the buzz, just back from The World Is My Home: The Life of Paul Robeson Stogie Kenyatta stars as Paul Robeson, the ground breaking singer who faced down prejudice both political and racial on his way to becoming one of the 20th Century’s great singers! The above was description of the play. But Kenyatta gave us so much more of the life of Paul Robeson, especially learning about Robeson’s father and family, which had me thinking about the Django movie.  History is so much…

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