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Brand Backlash | Pepsi and United Need Only Apologize to Customers

Binge on Buzz: #DryerBuzz says @Pepsi and @united need only apologize to their customers for making them appear racists and insensitive causing #brandbacklash #weliveinpublic #pepsi #united #superblogger comes out of retirement to address #socialmedia crisis on #wabe The above status update sums up action major brands Pepsi, United, and many others should take in midst of #brandbacklash. We live in public and can see interrelationships with brands and their customers, says blogger Yalanda P Lattimore in an reoccurring appearance on WABE, an NPR station out of Atlanta. Called…

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Which beverage company will be first to give moms a #cleancap? | Peel–off hygienic seal/caps | Advercan

Sponsored: Soda companies could make it easier for moms with peel–off hygienic seal/caps. Join the campaign to get your favorite beverage company to consider this small step in manufacturing but giant step for mankind.  Share the video below or follow the buzz with #advercan.   Sponsored — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzBuzz Travels | Follow the Buzz to Bermuda | BermudaBeachExperience #BBE2k15 How to Get Away with Blogging Workshop with @DryerBuzz and Friends | February

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Ever wipe off your soda can? Hotlantans want ADVERCAN’s “Clean Cap” on their drinks!

Sponsored: Imagine if your summer soda could have a “Clean Cap”?  Share image below to help soda companies get the message. Extra Buzz27Answers by DryerBuzz Available on Amazon | Download Answers by Superblogger Kira should be here with her children and husband! | Judge Glenda Hatchett and son continue fight 4Kira4Moms | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

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