This Ain't That Book Club 

What’s wrong with this picture of former First Lady Michelle Obama? | This Ain’t That Book Club | Follow the buzz DryerBuzz

This ain’t that book club, but while on a quest to select our weekly read, we discovered CHASING LIGHT: Michelle Obama Through the Lens of a White House Photographer. But what’s wrong with this picture? Watch to see what inspired a great debate in the book section — and why we left the book, filled with amazing photos of Michelle Obama, on the shelf. Buzz it or Bash it? Should we go back for a copy? We came across this photo book by White House photographer . She reveals her favorite photos of…

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Language of Men 

Watch Photographer Corey Cottrell in his tell all episode of Klique | MCM

DryerBuzz — Binge watching to catch up on Klarque Garrison’s 12 part Docu-series on photographers, we spotted Corey Cottrell — okay, we spotted his beard first. Then came the eyes. Then we realized he was actually the 5th in a 12 part series documenting love and art of photographers captured by our friend and media master Klarque Garrison. At DryerBuzz, we love a passionate man — who shares details of his life in the language of men. In his episode of Klique, Corey takes us behind his lens, as a protégé of…

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