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#DryerBuzz – Trump Rambles for Ratings and Likes

#DryerBuzz —¬†Dare you to summarize #45 morning ramblings. He spoke for little more than 24 minutes saying absolutely nothing while promising to read a document which he never read. Finally he quit after pandering for ratings and likes. Almost felt like a decoded message of someone kidnapped by hate. Does he want Black America to save him? What’s with constant mentions of Chicago? One minutes he wants us all to get along and the next he’s back to baiting history of hate? #trumped #Dumbfuckistan #DryerBuzz   #DryerBuzz — You just…

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Hair She Goes! BookBuzz: Bootleg Slim: Honey of a Bus Trip | First in a Three Book Trilogy from Annsonita Robinson

Freshly download to our Kindle, Bootleg Slim: Honey of a Bus Trip is the first in a three book trilogy that focuses on the life of a young Atlanta-based urban entrepreneur. Book I serves as the initial financing source for Robinson’s newly implemented entrepreneurial training for women of color, Con*Sequence, set to begin training September 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. The summer of 2003 was a hot one in the Deep South. But, when a young Atlanta-based street vending entrepreneur known as “Bootleg Slim”, gets the opportunity to accompany a group…

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