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Before Relocating Check Social Media | We Live In Public | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We live in public. Social media will tell you more, socially,  about a neighborhood than your realtor ever can. Social media has better algorithms and archives. Found an address you love? Check social media to see if you’ll like your neighbors, says #YalandaPLattimore #DryerBuzz Want to know about a specific area, location, city, county, or zip code — filter social media to see if where you’ll fit in the stream of things. #weliveinpublic From advanced search features to popular geo tags, we can learn more than we want…

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Hair She Goes! Iyanla Visits Château Sheree In Attempt to Fix Sheree and Ex-husband Bob Whitfield | Watch fixmylife

Hair She Goes! — It seemed black folks were off the radar for decades when it came to Oprah’s television programming.  Now that the network has launched and found it’s cable audience, ratchet appears to be the order of the day.  Reruns and ratchet.  Oh wait, there’s some reality tv in the mix too.  Reruns, ratchet, and reality.  While we used to want Oprah to come knocking, we don’t want that no more.  Stop. Millions may disagree.  Have at it. In the next ratchet episode, it’s a dose of reality…

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Are you in a REAL ESTATE bind? Watch Endless Solutions Reality Live Q&A with Courtney & Dionne Thursday 8:30PM

Are you in a REAL ESTATE bind? You may want to tune in Thursday 8:30pm.Let us answer your questions live on the spot. ENTERTAINING & INFORMATIVE Follow the Buzz via Classifieds – You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Ask us how to create Buzz | Classifieds | Social Media Updates Extra BuzzBuzz Travels | Follow the Buzz to Bermuda | BermudaBeachExperience #BBE2k15 How to Get Away with Blogging Workshop with @DryerBuzz and Friends | February

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