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What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? | Breakfast with DryerBuzz Podcast

#DryerBuzz — Put a ring on it? What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? Beyoncé’s anthem not on repeat as much these days. Honestly, who can play? Can you? Celebrities live in public but the public not too far behind when it comes to wives versus side chicks.  In this episode of Breakfast with DryerBuzz, we asked what’s in a ring? Married folk pulling us into their drama on social media. Captain save a garden tool ranting, venting, and allegedly breaking laws with revenge nudity. Side chicks…

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DryerBuzzTV | What’s Love Got to Do with Us? | Valentine’s Day Takeover in the Language of Men

DryerBuzzTV — Language of Men is back. To help us kick it off, R&B artist Xavier Lewis stopped by to takeover DryerBuzzLive with the help of author RJ Hodges and business expert JaRod Morris.  We gave them one question — What’s Love Got to Do with Us? From that one question came a great debate.  Watch and enjoy as the fellas discuss selecting mates, to managing daily grinds and finding time for each other, to who determines the foundation of love and relationships.  The guys paid particular attention to lives…

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What’s Up with that Brother? Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman

VideoBuzz: We woke to a couple searches of folk looking for a Nick Cannon interview on vigilante George Zimmerman.  We nodded off a couple of times while searching footage but never got any Zimmerman comments.  It could be in this video.  We don’t know.  There was so much wifey talk that we realized Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman.  Let us know if you last long enough to fin Zimmerman comments. Bottom line: Cannon will never cheat because Mariah could just go get a billionaire. Psst… Here’s…

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The Cut with that Brother! Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham Gives 5 Reasons Why Women Should Not “Think Like A Man”‏ | Listen

As heard on Great Debates: Think Like a Man! But What is He Thinking with host Yalanda Lattimore Dr. Buckingham strongly advises that before taking advice from anybody the listener should research and check credentials of those who are providing blueprints based on their personal experiences. Dr. Buckingham explains that human behavior and development is much more complex than what is discussed on radio shows, blogs, and in barber and beauty shops. From a professional assessment, Dr. Buckingham gives five reasons why women should not “Think Like a Man”: 1….

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Great Debates: Think Like a Man? Well What Is He Thinking? Did a DJ, Movie, or Book Save Your Relationship? | Tuesday 04.24.2012 8PM LIVE

Join us for a Great Debate Tuesday night as take a look back at the book by Steve Harvey and movie by Rainforest Films “Think Like a Man.”  We’re asking the question, what are they thinking?  Some have read the book.  Others have seen the movie.  Some even think they have better advice.  We’ll see.  It all makes for a great debate. Podcast Time: Tuesday April 24, 2012 8PM ET Special Guest: Psychotherapist Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham, LCSW, BCD gives a professional perspective on Steve Harvey’s movie, Think Like…

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The Cut with That Brother! Carla B & Company (EPR) Welcomes Breakthrough Urban Author: Derrick Taylor

EOTM Public Relations (EPR) is pleased to bring you urban author, sire of illustrious words, Derrick Taylor (, the self-proclaimed playa of women turned his brother’s keeper. An author predestined to share his story and the stories of others like him as only black men with the literary zeal, living the hard knock life in cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and Chicago not limited to the USA. Taylor has enough ammo to rival even the most popular urban authors and will transform the average reader into an…

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DryerBuzz & Company: Great Debates Presents Dating Without A Ring Formula?

Dr. Alduan Tartt is a real doctor and he plays one on TV.  You’ve seen him on TVOne’s hit show Black Men Revealed: Season 2.  His goal is to give you quality relationship advice to enhance your personal relationships.  Can he help to set our year off right?  Join Yalanda for the nightly buzz and get a great debate when Dr. Tartt joins DryerBuzz & Company Tuesday night 01.06.08.  Catch live and interactive and be sure to download the podcast to share with friends. Call in live with your comments, 646-652-2642,…

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Poll: Relationships Between Black Men and Women Are Strained Because of

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