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Daytime Comes Full Circle with Sister Circle Live on TV One | Zoom in on Comedian Kiana Dancie | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Daytime has come full circle with Sister Circle Live on TV One. After having our fill of morning news, we can lean in and let our cups runneth over. This new show now has us anxiously awaiting segments that look more like the decision makers of America — women — in a show filled with Black Girl Magic. It took a while, but TV One found its way into homes with great content like it’s Unsung Series and morning news show with Roland Martin … now comes the…

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Tyler Perry Says “all African American cast are on verge of becoming extinct” | Red Tails Debate

There’s a debate brewing —  to see or not to see Red Tails and why.  For the most many say let us see it. As I entered the debate, on the surface, seems Red Tails was made to appealed to me because it includes a cast of favorites and depicts history — black history.  Would be a perfect movie release this time of year — between MLK Day and Black History month. So I thought. In that the movie Red Tails  was made with a black cast (I guess they…

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CNN Losing Authoritative Voice to Social Media

CNN has given voice to social media and in the process, like print, has given away its “authoritative voice.”  Why turn to CNN at all when you can get social media everywhere.  The 24 hour news network has become 15 minute of repetitive soundbites and the fame goes to whatever twitterer or facebook from whom they borrow the news. Even myspace has been given a crutch by the network. Perhaps the network should borrow a page from our forefathers and not give all the power to the people.  They will…

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