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How to stop great wealth robbery | #DryerBuzz

Where am I going with this … had to get quiet for minute to wait for answers on my next steps. After a year of trauma, a friend suggested I find my sanity doing something that’s not so much of a brain drain … but could give me time to think as well as stay afloat instead of drowning. So like most, I jumped on the #rideshare (#teamLyft) bandwagon for past few months. And like most, love it … meeting new people everyday, making new friends with regulars, and enjoying…

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BuzzLinks: Tarra Jackson Madam Money and author of Financial Fornication

Looking for Tarra Jackson Madam Money Tarra Jackson, known as Madam Money and author of Financial Fornication, is an energetic & charismatic speaker that shares real life experiences to help educate her audience about money and credit. Tarra’s passion is to help people through information and education. Tarra is also a Financial Life Coach to small business owners to ensure a strong personal financial foundation. Follow the Buzz via | Tarra Jackson Madam Money | Buzz Links — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the…

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