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Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Success of Diversity Changes Nothing?| Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#WeLiveInPublic — Copy and steal everything! Level up. Take it to next level. Own it. All advice from who many deem to be the top guru’s peddling and pimping confidence and courage from one end of the planet to the other. Neither of them original — what is original? There’s always the original. In the shadows. At the start. In the beginning. Without a story. No history. There is always the first. But that’s another blog. Today, let’s get to the bottom line, the root of the problem, so we…

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Hair She Buzz | The Talk: Do you have to be so mediocre? We’re in trouble Olivia(s) and headed for #Scandal

Hair She Buzz — A best moment from Scandal begs the question, do you have to be so mediocre?”  “Brilliance in writing from Shonda Rhimes and Scandal crew.  One of many amazing hair raising thought provoking scenes from Joe Morton as Daddy Pope (Rowan Pope). But is it a question coming up too often today as women digress from progress fighting to stay relevant? “You could have aimed for Chief of Staff or Secretary of State!” That moment light bulb went off for some and others were left in the dark — still dreaming of being…

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DryerBuzzRadio | Does Size Matter? What’s too big? Too Thin? Just Right? Women Weigh In | Plus are our leading ladies empowered and is Kanye still Genius?

DryerBuzzonWAOK — Get ready for another great debate.  Blogging comes to radio with DryerBuzz on News and Talk Radio 1380 WAOK Sundays.  Pulling right from our headlines and timelines, buzz about hot topics of the week. Hear comments from readers, listeners, and followers as we bring you a great debate.  Here are a few topics up for debate. Does size matter? What’s too big, too thin, and just right? Women Weigh In #HairSheBuzz Are African American tv leading ladies fully empowered? Why did our post on Viola Davis strike such…

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Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | How to Get Away with Primetime Wig Snatching | Annalise Nooo! #htgawm

Iyanla was right. There’s a penis between us.  However, many of us missed the shocking last line of How To Get Away with Murder after watching Annalise peel back layers of American TV vanity.  Y’all, she snatched her wing, removed her makeup and then dropped question of the week — but wait — again we were stuck on the removal of the wig, lashes, lipstick — all things we were supposed to think were natural to a woman — especially a TV star. Looking up from my tweets, I think I…

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Living Atlanta Style | Follow DryerBuzz to 11th Annual V103 WAOK Car and Bike Show | CarnBike11

Hair She Buzz — Countdown to 11th Annual V103 WAOK Car and Bike Show Saturday, July 12, 2014.  Be sure to follow @DryerBuzz, your official blogger for WAOK. Live Broadcast 12 to 2PM | Listen Live as you step in the bldg | Visit me at WAOK booth We’ll have all the buzz behind the buzz.  You already know the day is action pack. Along with the cars and bikes, there’s plenty of stars in the building such as Trey Songz, Columbus Short (hot off a RCMS interview exclusive), TI…

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Hair She Buzz: Beyonce is her Sisters Keeper | Fills instagram with pics of Solange post elevator scandal

Hair She Buzz: Beyonce was up early showing support to Blu Ivy’s aunt Solange by posting pics of her sibling via instagram post elevator scandal.  No comments. Just photos of the two frolicking around the world, proving she is her sister’s keeper and vice versus.  The elevator scandal shook up the world when video surface showing Solange attacking brother-in-law JayZ leading to much speculation about the couple’s union.  Sometime after the fight, the sisters jetted off apparently to Kelly Rowland’s nuptials. Beyonce posted a prayer in homage to fixing relationships…

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ScandalFinale: Who’s fixing who? | Shonda Rhimes host #ScandalTWR chat | Gladiators ready to #BreakTwitter | Where will you watch?

Though Scandal receives mixed reviews for black girls behaving badly in their return to lead roles in a drama series, gladiators ready to set records for yet another multi-tv-gasmic #ScandalFinale.  What will be the fate of piggy piggy? What’s in the paternity test? Is Fitz the daddy, brother, or no relation? Is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) still the fixer or has Mom and Pop Pope taking over? Be prepared, viewer engagement could possibly #BreakTwitter – at least that’s the plan.  Such could be aided by chat hosted with Shonda Rhime,…

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When Man Behind Brand is a Woman: Woodard as POTUS, Shop Women Owned Wednesday, Sister Site Roundup | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz #HairSheBuzz

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz ~ When Man Behind Brand is a Woman: Woodard as POTUS, Shop Women Owned, Sister Site Roundup | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz #HairSheBuzz Watch It Listen Read It Raw Transcript: #HairShe Buzz — you’re about to get the buzz behind the buzz from Hair She Buzz edition – taking you to the root of her story — transforming the way we look — at life! For those who think Scandal is too scandalous and they are not trying to be Mary Jane and want a better more…

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DryerBuzz Entertainment Report Buzz on Kerry Washington Michelle Obama Rihanna Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus Women of 2013

#HairSheBuzz – Most Buzzing Women of 2013 – DryerBuzz Entertainment Report… Television: Hands down Kerry Washington held our attention again this year with Scandal. Along with the scandals and controversies on the show, her fashion and fitness was also talk of the town. As was Kerry’s secret nuptials and growing baby bump. Cast-mates kept our tongues wagging as well. Like Sarah Palin – the more we wanted her to go away, Mile Cyrus seemed to remain front and center. Some of us can no longer listen to the hottest song…

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DryerBuzz Entertainment Report #TGSMM Mama Drama with Mama Joyce Mama Pope Kerry Washington’s Motherhood Shortens Scandal and Madea | As heard on Toni and Griff Show

As heard on Toni and Griff Show… Scandal happened. But Quinn, Olivia, and even Mama Pope ain’t got nothing on Mama Joyce – on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Don’t get knocked out by her blue stacked shoes. #RunToddRun and take Kandi with you. She’s from Summerhill #nuffsaid. Who? Kandi’s mama. I tweeted Kandi during RHOA to see exactly which part of old school Atlanta her mother reign and she tweeted back that Mama Joyce is from Summerhill, I was like OMG and you should be too. For those that don’t…

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Claim Your Man: Bey Bright’s New Book Helps Any Woman Find Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment

Friend of the Buzz Bey Bright is Back with New Book…  While millions of women believe they know how to handle their relationships with men, most struggle to find true love and happiness. However, a compelling new book by relationship expert Bey Bright is about to change their lives for the better. ‘Claim Your Man; A Woman’s Guide To Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment’ combines Bey’s unique ability to motivate others with the experience he has gathered studying thousands of relationships. The result is a book that every woman needs to…

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Hair She Buzz! Do Black Women Desire Interracial Extramarital Affairs? SNL Aside, Why Only One Black Woman On Scandal? Mainstream wants to know | Scandal’ust

Contrary to Scandal — That Ain’t Our History! First and foremost, Black women are in essence WOMEN. Believe it or not, whether we are simply women has been argued for centuries.  Occasionally, a woman comes along like Kerry Washington who wants to make strides by simply being a woman and not necessarily a Black woman — in television and Hollywood.  Washington is very much down for cause of sisterhood — but her strides in television and movies are a different matter.   Contrary to second and third season Scandal,  looking…

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Events to let your hair down in Atlanta Oct 3rd – 6th | UAT Scandal Watch Party, Atlanta Black Theatre Festival | Flux Night

Living Atlanta Style – Atlanta is your destination for fun, food, and festivals. Let your hair down this weekend, October 3rd – 6th. Follow the Buzz around Atlanta this weekend. Click a flyer for details. GLADIATORS!!!! Tonight is the night!!! The Urban America Today – Atlanta crew will be at bar One for the relaunch of our talk show and the Season 3 premier of Scandal!!! Doors open at 5pm & we get started at 7:30pm with our LIVE broadcast! Before the show – be in the know with’s Yalanda Lattimore – special interview with…

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Hair She Buzz! Aiming for His Bed Won’t Get You Into His Heart | Scandal’ust

Hair She Buzz! — Aiming for his head and his bed won’t get you into his heart.  There’s the lesson right there.  No need to keep reading – unless you want or need 50 ways to ignore it.  Okay, you’re not ready so let’s keep going.  Where you exist and who you are to a man is in his eyes — the window to his heart.  His looking at you tells you where you exist.  How many times have you heard “a friend” say, “girl, he was looking at me…

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Can We Still Trust Cable News Networks? Great Debate Before Scandal with DryerBuzz | Listen

Podcast Buzz: In the wake of Boston marathon coverage and other failed media reports of late, we ask “Can We Still Trust Cable News Networks?” Are news outlets becoming over zealous with blown out entertainment factors? Which is still your trusted source? Can news outlets, like CNN, regain credibility.  Does CNN need to clean house more?  Listen to a great debate and comment below. Follow the Buzz to Listen to More Great Podcast from & Company Chat Clippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the…

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