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Solo Moms Get Buzzing Advice | DryerBuzz Mom and Blogger Featured at

#DryerBuzz — Blogging with a passion and a purpose, got a chance to share beginnings of and how the site helped me to spend more time as mom and as my parents daughter. Buzz the feature at, a site and community for solo moms to share experiences and advice. The interview was awesome. Was able to glean some new ideas from a few old ones as topics took a trip down memory lane. Enjoy — Follow the buzz to Extra BuzzWatch Rob Redding Out Loud with DryerBuzz…

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Yalanda P. Lattimore 

I am Yalanda | Yalanda P Lattimore | DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Follow the buzz with blogging home to Yalanda P Lattimore. Meet Yalanda living Atlanta style and blogging great debates since 2002. DryerBuzz was born from a passion of writing, a love of community, and spirit of connecting like minds. Yalanda spends hours upon hours writing and engaging a following of unique men and women who enjoy cultural lifestyles, civic engagement, and opportunities for a great debate. A master of social media and strategic engagement, Yalanda masterfully enfolds all mediums into one informative destination — Friends and…

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