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We’re Shopping We’re Juicing | FeedaBlogger Avocado Spinach Juice Plus Spices

#Feedablogger — Join us on this shopping trip as we selected perfect ingredients for our green smoothie.  We tried grapefruit based and other fruits. Enjoyable as juice, but a bit much for smoothie. Not the consistency we like thanks to the pulp. Plus, we want to really work on items specifically targeting cholesterol. So back to avocado which we paired with spinach, pineapple, grapes, and banana. Simple but delicious — maybe too delicious. Found such a great deal on avocado, we decided to get enough to make a spread for…

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Sunday Supper Secrets: Don’t be a turkey – Marinate! | Flavor Tips from Chef Desmond

Welcome to Sunday Supper Secrets: This week we polled our favorite chefs with a flavor question “How do we get great restaurant FLAVOR at home?” Chef and author Desmond Fannin hit us back with these tips and more.  Looks like his Sunday Supper Secret is MARINATE! First, don’t mistake “flavor” with salt! The best way to get maximum flavor at home is to allow yourself time to do it right,” says Chef Desmond Fannin. “If you plan on preparing protein items (meats) marinate the day prior, or for at least an…

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