Buzz it or Bash it 

Buzz it or Bash It? Justin Timberlake Safest Super Bowl Halftime | Best Bet to End Controversial Season?

#DryerBuzz — Fourteen years after Super Bowl became the largest commercial for nipple piercings, the guy responsible for the biggest reveal ever —  Justin Timberlake will return to scene of the FCC fine. Surely National Football League #NFL feels Timberlake is the safest halftime money can buy, and the country can withstand, to end this decade’s most controversial football season thus far. Looming larger than Timberlake’s halftime is the Super Bowl’s opening with the National Anthem. Will the league finally #takeaknee for all the world to see? Fan lives matter…

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Buzz it or Bash it Tailgate Report 

American Football Fans Blackout NFL to Blackout Hatred and Police Brutality | Bigger than Kaepernick | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Tailgate Buzz — In a video making it’s way around the world, American football fans are blacking out the NFL with a promise not to watch any of the seasons seventeen (17) weeks until the leagues recognize current plight of African American fans. The NFL seasons starts without its most talked about player, as it relates to protesting current injustices, Colin Kaepernick. Many feel Kaepernick is black listed. Some say the players silent protest of taking a knee during America’s national anthem causes a distraction to the game.  One sports…

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DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style Tailgate Report 

Buzzed to Atlanta Falcons Training Camp | Follow the Buzz | Watch DryerBuzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle — Watch #DryerBuzz bring you the buzz from Atlanta Falcons Training Camp during first week of practice. Football is back. Get on the bandwagon early. Watch as Dan Quinn gets the team back in shape as road to championship begins from Flowery Branch headed to team’s new home in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. 💞 #SuperBlogger Yalanda P Lattimore 💞 @DryerBuzz — Yalanda @DryerBuzz (@DryerBuzz) August 2, 2017 #DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzLiving Atlanta…

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News Clippings 

DryerBuzz – Falcons win hearts lose Super Bowl

#DryerBuzz — Real fans will tell you still they rise even after devastating lost in Super Bowl to Patriots and Tom Brady. Following the game, city of Atlanta was quieted as thoughts of what could have been week long celebration slipped away when Falcons gave up tremendous lead losing grip of victory. Immediate speculation from sports pundits seem to have it figured out — Brady and Patriots more qualified. Nah! They were handed that game. Falcons, not ready to admit where error took place, decided to take lost as a…

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News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Great Debates: Cam Newton – When Skill Scares

Great Debates — When and where did cheers for Cam Newton turn to jeers? Is it me or did Newton’s news narrative suddenly change to negative? It’s almost as if someone somewhere suddenly realized such a skillful young man might disrupt America’s inferiority dictate — especially when it comes to media. Now an official Super Bowl quarterback, Cam Newton comes under media scrutiny — does his skills scare? Let’s debate. Why now has news narrative change for seasons MVP? Join the debate undoing #MediaApartheid – leave comment below or use…

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From Super Bowl to Oscar Buzz – Hollywood Games Begin! | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz with Yalanda P Lattimore

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz — From Super Bowl to Oscar Buzz – The Hollywood Games Begin! Audio Only Raw Transcript: Are you still super tired from the super bowl. Well let’s pull it together and get it buzzing. Football season is officially over, pull out the honey do lists and let’s reclaim Sunday nights — we’re on the road to Oscars. Nine movies which make up nine teams from best actor, actress, director, sound, makeup, to music score are all vying for the top spot in Hollywood history. Sunday, March 2nd…

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Good Bad Post Super Bowl Buzz | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz with Yalanda P Lattimore

DryerBuzz Entertainment Report Post Super Bowl… Audio only Raw Transcript: The good the bad the buzz of Super Bowl! Put it in the history books for several reasons and not just the amazing win Seahawks had over the Broncos. Let’s get it buzzing with DryerBuzz Entertainment Report The good. Queen Latifah redeemed. Queen of hip hop and television, who can carry a tune making her a multi threat in entertainment had us all nervous about her attempt to sing again before a hundred million people, especially in an open air…

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DryerBuzz Top 10 Super Bowl Viewing Parties in Atlanta Super Bowl Weekend | #top10SuperWeekend

DryerBuzz Entertainment Report – Super Bowl edition – 10 Super Events to Let Your Hair Down Super Bowl Weekend from Atlanta and beyond… Listen for the buzz Browse Super Bowl Flyers Raw Script:   Come Monday when friends ask “where have you been?” Tell them you had a #top10weekend cause you got the buzz behind the buzz from Let’s get it buzzing – 10 Super events to let your hair down Super Bowl weekend from Atlanta and beyond. The snow is on the go and temperature rising for Super…

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Super Bowl Cooking with Carolyn | Sweet Chili Lime Wings, Carne Asada Fries, Ultimate Stuffed Bacon Cheddar Turkey Burger | WATCH

VideoBuzz: Super Bowl Cooking with Carolyn – These are our favorite but there’s much much more to choose. Find something for every fan this Super Bowl. Watch Cooking with Carolyn for best on the web easy to follow recipes. Get in and out of the kitchen before kick off with winning favorites. Super Bowl Cooking with Carolyn | Sweet Chili Lime Wings Super Bowl Cooking with Carolyn | Carne Asada Fries Super Bowl Cooking with Carolyn | Ultimate Stuffed Bacon Cheddar Turkey Burger   Super Bowl Buzz — You just got the buzz from — transforming…

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DryerBuzz Entertainment Report: Who’s Talking About You? Sherman’s Super Bowl | MLK Wrap Up | Wonder Women Buzz Atlanta | Go from mediocre to best in Buzz!

DryerBuzz Entertainment Report — Read It Watch It Listen today and everyday … Raw Transcript: Who’s talking about you? that is the question of the day or shall we say weekend. It was all Erin Andrews could think of when she happened upon an interview with Richard Sherman before he could get out of his feeling after his team clinched a win taking them to the Super Bowl. With this Shermanism in mind – are you the best or just mediocre? Who’s buzzing about you? Here’s what some are buzzing…

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DryerBuzz Entertainment Report #TGSMM Prince Headlines Essence Billy Joel MSG Ceelo Too Green | As heard on Toni and Griff Show with Michael McFadden

As heard on Toni and Griff Show with Michael McFadden… DryerBuzz Entertainment Report Stop! Did you miss the miracle? Apparently we all did. Go to right now and watch raw video of a brother who survived in a sunken tugboat. Video has emerged showing how Okene Harrison is alive today after surviving nearly 3 days in a submerged tugboat. He was in the restroom when the boat capsized; found air pocket and stayed put until divers discover the boat with him alive. Harrison was the cook of a 12…

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Super Bowl Tweets: Ultimate Super Bowl Twitter Stream at | #SuperBowlBuzz | Watch or Jump In

Looking for Super Bowl Live Stream ~>  Watch LIVE: Super Bowl at 6 p.m. ET With All-22 camera, choice of camera angles, all-day tweet streams and every Super Bowl ad. Starts at 6 ET  Now Back to the SuperBowlBuzz… Tweet with DryerBuzz and company as the 47th Super Bowl takes place in New Orleans, LA at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Super Bowl XLVII will kickoff at 6:30pm ET on February 3, 2013 but the tweets are already coming in.  Jump in our stream using hashtag #SuperBowlBuzz to call the shots with top…

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Super Bowl Recipes s: Garlic & Habanero Hot Wings and Lemon Pepper Wings | Watch CookingWithCarolyn

VideoBuzz: Watch CookingWithCarolyn Garlic & Habanero Hot Wings. Watch the video carefully so you’ll know how to control the heat in these wings. They’re also baked…not fried. CookingWithCarolyn invites you to grab a cold beer and enjoy!   Watch and cook more with CookingWithCarolyn on Youtube Super Bowl Clippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via Posted via email from DryerBuzz’s posterous Extra BuzzBuzz it or Bash it? Protest…

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Hair She Goes! Watch: Beyonce Explains Inauguration Lip Synced | Super Bowl Press Conference

Notice AP conveniently left out Beyonce’s performance of live National Anthem in this clip. VideoBuzz: Beyonce says she did lip sync when she performed the national anthem on Inauguration Day. The singer held a press conference Thursday in New Orleans days ahead of her half-time performance at the Super Bowl. (Jan. 31) Hairs She Goes! — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via Posted via email from DryerBuzz’s posterous Extra…

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