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We Can’t Have the Inmates Running the Prison | Out of the Mouths of Owners | Houston Texans Fail NFL | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Can’t make this stuff up.  It’s reported by a number of source that during a closed owners and executive meeting, the Houston Texans owner became too comfortable.  Out the mouths of owners we could say. Houston Texans NFL Owner on Kneeling: ‘We Can’t Have the Inmates Running the Prison’ And thus, a great debate ensued … And the reactions … Statement from Texans Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert C. McNair: — Texans PR (@TexansPR) October 27, 2017 A quote that will make you cringe from…

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Buzz it or Bash it 

Buzz it or Bash It? Justin Timberlake Safest Super Bowl Halftime | Best Bet to End Controversial Season?

#DryerBuzz — Fourteen years after Super Bowl became the largest commercial for nipple piercings, the guy responsible for the biggest reveal ever —  Justin Timberlake will return to scene of the FCC fine. Surely National Football League #NFL feels Timberlake is the safest halftime money can buy, and the country can withstand, to end this decade’s most controversial football season thus far. Looming larger than Timberlake’s halftime is the Super Bowl’s opening with the National Anthem. Will the league finally #takeaknee for all the world to see? Fan lives matter…

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Come Monday | Trump Pence Cam Newton Nelly and Dove | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Come Monday we can all quarterback. Hindsight is 20/20. Yet, better than hindsight is looking at situations after emotions have settled and each situation can be viewed from points of facts. Fact is Trump and Pence have an agenda of dividing the country. Fact is these are two very failed men who can’t deliver on any of the policies promised to their constituents. In that vein they can on seek to divide and deflect. Over the weekend, Pence made a political move to leave an NFL football game…

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