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#DryerBuzz — Follow the buzz with DryerBuzz.com blogging home to Yalanda P Lattimore. Meet Yalanda living Atlanta style and blogging great debates since 2002. DryerBuzz was born from a passion of writing, a love of community, and spirit of connecting like minds. Yalanda spends hours upon hours writing and engaging a following of unique men and women who enjoy cultural lifestyles, civic engagement, and opportunities for a great debate. A master of social media and strategic engagement, Yalanda masterfully enfolds all mediums into one informative destination — DryerBuzz.com Friends and…

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It is what it is?? No It’s Not! It’s what you make it….

When its a slow news day, we make time for reflection.  Sometimes we even step on a few toes.  You never know. Wednesday, November 12, Yalanda reflects on reality TV and the “Trivial Pursuits” of life.  Listen for the freight train of thoughts that followed.  Make sure to join us Live Thursday as we get back to the buzz and take you inside the upcoming play Huntee Please! www.DryerBuzz.com Extra BuzzWatch Rob Redding Out Loud with DryerBuzz | New Tell All Book Released | A Mic Drop Heard Around the…

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Replay The Great “Black Hair Care” Debate

As you can see, we’ll be busy with the new site. But please enjoy one of our favorites podcast: The Great “Black Hair Care” Debate Listen as insiders of the Black Hair Care industry discuss the past, present, and economic future of African Americans in the industry. Our first bloggers panel of 2008, joining DryerBuzz & Company host Yalanda Lattimore for this inside look were: Natalie Carlock, Indivi Salon [www.IndiviSalon.com], Doreen Motton, Neero & Ana [ www.neero-ana.com], and Devin Robinson, [www.takingitbackblack.com]. Extra BuzzIt’s all blogging | Five Answers to Find…

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