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#DryerBuzz — Giraffe appears on weather map?

#DryerBuzz — Sign were staring too much at April the giraffe? Checking weather during recent storm, swore we saw a giraffe or dragon. You be the judge. Coincidently, storms caught Atlantans off guard, especially if time of local news live Facebook stream alerts. Many ignored warnings as timeline denoted much surprise to wind and rain and in some cases worst. Still many are asking, why so many news channels running giraffe feed — the same feed — across the country? Who’s watching who? Are we watching April or are they…

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Atlanta Jobs: Zoo Atlanta to hold job fair – Atlanta | FOX 5

Clipped from Zoo Atlanta to hold job fair | ATLANTA – How would you like to work around animals? Zoo Atlanta is hiring!  Zoo Atlanta is holding a job fair on Wednesday. Available positions include cashiers, admissions staff, rides attendants, overnight programs instructors, exhibit interpreters, Membership sales associates, event  coordinator and Volunteen assistant. The job fair will take place from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Zoo Atlanta, located at 800 Cherokee Ave. SE. Follow the Buzz via Zoo Atlanta to hold job fair | Living Atlanta Style…

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